Recruiting & Executive Search

SPS has served as a placement firm for 20 years and has a proven record of identifying highly qualified people that provide an immediate impact to the customer’s organization.

How Can We Help?

SPS understands just how important one employee with the right attitude, qualifications, and dedication can be to the success of your organization or a specific project. Whether you are searching for a full-time member to join your team or simply looking to satisfy a project need, SPS can quickly find, screen and match candidates to your requirements.

The SPS Process

SPS is extremely selective in choosing candidates to present to our customers. Each professional that we present to you undergoes an extensive qualification process that includes a pre-screening interview, a more detailed second interview, a reference check, degree verification and skills testing. We work closely with our customers to ensure that we understand the opportunity, the position requirements and customer performance expectations. 

SPS Team

SPS employs skilled records management staff that specialize in the areas of data entry, records classification, and file management, disposal and archival. Our team will ensure that the integrity of your organization’s highly valued records is not lost, are easily accessible and maintained appropriately for future use. Our records management team supports the design, development, implementation and maintenance of electronic records management systems. We can assist your organization in evaluating, recommending, training, and implementing a new e-records system or maintaining an already existing e-records system. 

  1. Meet the customer hiring manager and assess the staffing needs
  2. Identify the candidate through our network and if needed, through sourcing and recruiting
  3. Prescreen candidates to assess their ability to meet customer expectations
  4. Interview candidates to determine whether they meet or exceed the customer’s criteria
  5. Present only the best qualified candidates to the customer
  6. Coordinate and schedule interviews between customer and candidates
  7. Provide feedback after the interview to customers and candidates
  8. Verify reference and credentials of the final candidate
  9. Negotiate compensation package and present offer to candidate
  10. Coordinate Security Clearance process (if required)
  11. Arrange start date
  12. Follow up with client and candidate
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